2020: 3 Qs Energy Futures

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2020: 3 Qs Energy Futures by Mind Map: 2020: 3 Qs Energy Futures

1. Energy Transitions

1.1. Oil & Gas Re-purposing

1.1.1. Products More Car Oil? Selling more coffee at petrol stations? EV charging stations?

1.1.2. Services Integrated Solutions Hydrocarbons Renewables Trading Power

2. Near-term Economic Challenges

2.1. O&G Operators

2.1.1. Corporate Governace Growth vs I.e. Drive FCF balance point > 0 Capex reinvestment Dividend Maintain dividend payment E.g. for BP in 1Q 2020 $12bn Capex (future) $8bn Dividend (now for shareholders) With FCF in 1Q20 of ca. $1.5bn (!?)

3. Innovation

3.1. Digital Vs

3.1.1. More Apps

3.1.2. Digitise operations

3.1.3. ‘Same (new) old’...

3.2. Engineering

3.2.1. E.g. Zen Robotics Circular Economy Robotic based waste recycling Finland Gravity Jet Suit Turbine propulsion 3D printing