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platform for scwf12 by Mind Map: platform for scwf12
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platform for scwf12


"inter network political" politness

target groups

SC experts

SC novices



first start with the infobase of WP

later extend .. with advanced tools


edge subgroup

e.g. Lippold Abundance Hub?

community builder

one of the 50 ambassadors .. Kairos

gathering 2012 Melbourne

banner solution to contextualize ppl about the process

what about ...


use cases

join activities

lookup ppl

lookup networks/orgas

follow ongoing discussions

later connect the tools to the info site / blog

bringing projects to next level .. in autumn ..

most are only one-timers

some will continue

core functions

advertise SC activities

promoting networks

supporting SC

highlighting the best and most interesting projects

dramatic objects

self application of SC - value creation


wordpress info base + mathcing at a google site

make it not to complex

how to make it editable