New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts

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New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts by Mind Map: New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts

1. Persistence

2. Performance

3. Pattern

3.1. New Media Project: Pattern as it relates to my new media project somewhat overlaps with Interface. The way I intend to arrange the content for my portfolio is such that it is visually driven. I think I've found a theme that works well for what I'm going for. I don't want my site to be arranged like every other portfolio. I want images to drive the navigation and the arrangement of text-based information. I'm not sure how users who are usually accustomed to linear texts will respond to how I plan to organize and arrange each component.

4. Interactivity

4.1. New Media Project: Interactivity is a component that I want to emphasize on my site. Honestly, however, I am not entirely sure how I'm going to do this.

5. Interface

5.1. New Media Project: I want to develop a very visually driven website, so finding (and citing) representative images to convey my ideas will be part of what I seek to accomplish. Wherever I might traditionally just use a hyperlink, I want to think about how I can incorporate a visual.

6. Multimodality/media

6.1. Multimodal on the Mind: Multimodal composing weighs heavily on my mind at this moment. I have not taught a course in about a year, and in the fall, I will be teaching an intro to lit class. I really want my students to have the opportunity to compose assignments using a variety of modes. Thinking about how to combine some of the best practices I've been reading about that apply to comp and then applying them to the lit course...

6.2. All Paths Lead to the Alphabetic: I appreciate Jennifer's comment about how ridiculous it is to ask students to use modes other than the alphabetic mode only to require them to also write a three-page accompanying essay. I've thought a lot about this and have, admittedly, had difficulty divorcing myself from the idea. Thanks for leading me toward more liberated thinking, Jennifer!



7. Proairesis

8. Simulation

9. Archive

9.1. New Media Project: To some extent, my portfolio site will serve as a place to archive my most important and significant accomplishments in and contributions to my field. An interesting aside is that I was getting ready to upload my CV to the site I've created; however, I've decided to edit some of the older, less relevant information. Not everyone needs to see my very oldest archives. :)

10. Ecology

11. Information

11.1. New Media Project: I envision a lot of data for my Professional Portfolio, and, well, I know I have a tendency to go overboard. Striking a balance between enough information and information overload will be something I want to keep in mind.

12. Network

12.1. The Medium Is the Massage Wiki Page: Eric and Crystal do a good job of discussing McLuhan's observation that we are so very involved in each other's life and that various forms of media facilitate this. In the Facebook era, this couldn't be more true.