Copy of The Euthyphro

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Copy of The Euthyphro by Mind Map: Copy of The Euthyphro

1. Questions / Ideas

1.1. Does anyone else think Socrates is annoying at times? I find I get frustrated at some points. Like we made progress and then lost it all over again!

2. Background

2.1. New node

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3. Second Definition: "What is agreeable to the gods is holy and what is not agreeable is unholy".

3.1. Refutation

3.1.1. New node

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3.2. New node

4. First Definition

4.1. Refutation

4.2. Prosecution of Euthyphro's father on charges of manslaughter is an example of holiness.

5. Third Definition:

5.1. Refutation

5.1.1. Slightly changed version of the second definition.

5.1.2. New node

5.1.3. New node

6. Fourth Definition

6.1. Holiness is a species of the genus justice.

6.2. New node

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7. Fifth Definition

7.1. Refutation

7.2. Holiness is an art of sacrifice and prayer.

8. Sixth Definition

8.1. Refutation

8.1.1. APORIA

8.2. The outcome of the discussion, where no conclusion seems to have been reached. Interlocutors would say it had been a waste of time but Socrates would say they were now aware of their ignorance and could begin to seek the truth.

9. What examples are there of the Socratic method in action?

10. Key terms / people

10.1. Who is Meletus? The person officially prosecuting Socrates.

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11. What is Socrates being prosecuted for? Corrupting the minds of the young men of Athens.

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