Stop Trying to Control the Future

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Stop Trying to Control the Future by Mind Map: Stop Trying to Control the Future

1. In the Hands of the Unknown

1.1. Many aspects of our lives lie within the firm grasp of the hands of the unknown.

1.2. Logic would tell us to forget about the future. But going with the flow isn’t always as easy to execute as it rolls off the tongue.

1.3. It might not be a great idea to forget about the future, either. There’s a lot to be learned from foresight and rational planning.

1.4. Don't let your tendency to plan become a tendency to predict

1.5. Often our thoughts about the future rarely involve any planning, — only endless rumination over what might come to be.

1.6. Our internal telescope only allows us to see so far. After that, the rest is unknown. And that’s okay.

2. Trust in the Face of Ignorance

2.1. When we try to envisage the potentially troubling prospects of the future, we often imagine ourselves unable to cope.

2.2. In our heads, situations seem far worse.

2.3. Both the situation itself and our capacity to deal with it prove to be entirely different from our imagined ideas.

2.4. And when the time comes, if our fears do indeed come true, we will be able to cope.

2.5. We should accept the future without fear, knowing that we will find the courage to cope with whatever might come our way.

3. A Stoic Way of Thinking

3.1. Focus solely on one thing and one thing only in our endeavors: now.

3.2. All negative emotions arise when we lose touch with the present moment.

3.3. When we’re trying to control the future, we’re not thinking about now — and therein lies the problem.

3.4. Return to the present to find peace, simply by remembering to be here and not there.

3.5. When you recognize that your thoughts have you under their control, just come back.

3.6. Let go of your restless ideas and mental projections, breathe deep, and return to now. Let the future take care of itself.