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Twitter Revenue Model by Mind Map: Twitter Revenue Model
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Twitter Revenue Model

Questions of Sale and other answers: Presentation sent. Sale of SMS services would happen at 2 levels e.g. individual consumers, corporate data package. Revenues on year basis 1st year revenue -1 million users + 100 corporate companies+ ad revenue/promotional sales + Auction sales(ebay service) –> 500,000(Tweet messages at 10 cents each) + 100,000(1000$ per corporate enrollment for a year) +50,000(1 million impressions)+50,000$(50 cents per auction) =700,000$. 5th year revenue –Double the 1st year revenue = 1.4 million dollars 10th year revenue- Exponential?? Conclusion:  Twitter has it in its model to make money and offer amazing services. Imagination is the limitation.

Promotional Services! - B2B

iPhone app store app Launch promotion

Based on interest

Friends recommendation

Product advertising tool

URL Router/promoter

Website Promotion

Text/SMS Joint Venture

Sell SMS bundles


SMS bundle


SMS bundle

T mobile

SMS bundle

Interactive services- B2C

Ebay auction

Auction bidding

Auction Followup



Entries based on interests


Word games

Puzzle games

Text & web based Notification service - B2B

Utility Companies

Bill pay notification

New bill notification

Bill pay reminders


Product shipped Notification

Delivery Notification

Received Notification

Parcel tracking



DVD avaialble

New DVD released

Revenue Model details numbers and projections Click on link in this tab or on revenue model notes