7 Ways You’re Making Your Life Way Harder Than it Has to be

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7 Ways You’re Making Your Life Way Harder Than it Has to be by Mind Map: 7 Ways You’re Making Your Life Way Harder Than it Has to be

1. You Think You Can Read Minds

1.1. Think of how many times you play a mental movie in your head about the future, especially interactions with other people.

1.2. People are, for the most part, reasonable and nice.

1.3. If you try to get what you want from them in a polite way, you’ll either get it.

1.4. Or, even if you get rejected, it’ll often be in a much lighter way than you anticipated.

1.5. Shoot your shot. You never know what will happen. And often, situations can work out in your favor.

2. You Overestimate This

2.1. Don't overestimate the difficulty of the task at hand

2.2. Stop having the debate in your head, do the thing, and all the sudden it will be done.

2.3. You just say, “fuck it let’s do it.” Then you get it done.

3. You Want This Too Much

3.1. You want to feel good and feel good about yourself at all times.

3.2. Confidence and self-esteem don't precede the work

3.3. At first, you have whatever base-level confidence you’ve been gifted as a human being.

3.4. Also, confidence is context-dependent

3.5. When you're doing something for the first time, your confidence is very low. Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

3.6. Don't be under this impression that you can pump yourselves up to the perfect state before you begin.

3.6.1. You'll end up with a bunch of daydreams and no results.

3.7. Don't make your life harder by your overactive imagination.

4. You Foolishly Do This Constantly Even Though It’s a Total Waste

4.1. You compare yourself with the successful people in social media

4.2. Remind yourself

4.2.1. Social media influencers curate only the most excellent .o1% of their life. The other 99.9% of the time is spent grinding

4.2.2. People like Grant Cardone do legitimately have all that money and success because they worked tirelessly for decades

4.2.3. While having more money would be nice, remember you're doing just fine on your own. Work hard, succeed, and remain focused on yourself

4.3. Picture what it would be like to actually be one of these people.

4.3.1. These people actually might not be happy

5. You Feed This Way Too Much Energy

5.1. Your ego does more harm than good

5.2. The higher the sense of self, both positive and negative, the harder it is to actually live a successful life.

5.2.1. When you have a strong, positive, over-confident sense of self, you can misstep by being too aggressive, not thinking enough, and failing

5.2.2. When you have a strong, negative, under-confident sense of self, you think too much, don’t take action enough, and worry too much

5.3. People with low self esteem have a strong sense of self

5.4. Have a desire for success. But don't be a slave to your wants and desires.

5.5. Have a “you win some, you lose some” mentality.

5.6. Never be too up or down

5.7. The less ego you have, the freer you are to genuinely try hard.

6. You’re Way Too…This

6.1. People take life way too seriously.

6.2. Planning is important. Having a life purpose and mission makes your life better.

6.3. Have a somewhat serious intent when it comes to your goals. But don’t take life seriously.

6.4. Get in the habit of holding contradictory ideas in your head at the same time. Mastering this thinking ability is a superpower.

7. You Lust After This Fool’s Gold

7.1. You’re trying way too hard to be smart. You’re looking for the perfect answer and solution.

7.2. Instead, try not to screw up a lot.

7.3. Don't be like these people:

7.3.1. Jaded, cynical, bitter types who argue with cashiers over coupons because they have nothing better to do

7.3.2. People with lifeless, soulless, dead-inside eyes — the ones you often see on the freeway Monday morning

7.3.3. Anyone on any side of the political aisle obsessed with noise…I mean, news.

7.4. Look at all the traps that lead to these type of lives and I avoid them

8. My Plan to Fix Society

8.1. My one-word slogan is "Chill"

8.2. Society as a whole is just over-stimulated, over-anxious, over-outraged, over-curated, over-passion chasing.

8.3. Be productive instead of just being active. Work hard for a few hours a day and chill for the rest of the day

8.4. "Always seem patient, as if you know that everything will come to you eventually." - Robert Greene