Various Types of Validity & Reliability

A mind map that represents the various types of validity and reliability, and explains why they are important in learning and assessment.

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Various Types of Validity & Reliability by Mind Map: Various Types of Validity & Reliability

1. For learning and assessments

1.1. Validity

1.2. Reliability

1.3. Accuracy

2. Reference:

2.1. by: Lorylynn Reyes

3. Reliability

3.1. Test Retest or Stability

3.2. Alternate-form estimates of reliability

3.3. Internal consistency estimates of reliability

3.3.1. Split-half and odd–even estimates

3.3.2. Kuder –Richardson methods

4. Validity

4.1. Content Validity Evidence

4.2. Criterion-Related Evidence

4.2.1. Concurrent validity evidence

4.2.2. Predictive validity evidence

4.3. Construct validity evidence