Skip Counting (2s and 4s)

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Skip Counting (2s and 4s) by Mind Map: Skip Counting (2s and 4s)

1. English (WS1.9)

1.1. Lesson 2

1.2. Using skip counting and multiplication strategies to compose rhyming couplets

2. Patterns and Algebra (PAS1.1)

2.1. Lesson 4

2.2. Using knowledge of numbers (skip counting) to represent different numbers and recognise number patterns

2.2.1. Rich Assessment Task 2

2.2.2. Using counters with skip counting to further develop number sense with repeated addition or multiplication

3. Numbers (NS1.3)

3.1. Lesson 1

3.2. Using skip counting to develop repeated addition and multiplication skills

3.2.1. Rich Assessment task 1

3.2.2. Using - skip counting, repeated addition and multiplication

4. Data (DS1.1)

4.1. Lesson 3

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Using knowledge of numbers to conduct surveys and compose picture graphs of students pets


5.1. WMS1.2 (Applying strategies)

5.2. WMS1.4 (Reasoning)

5.3. WMS1.3 (Communicating)