Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

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Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one? by Mind Map: Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

1. Thesis statement/ Stand: I agree that the idea of having one partner for life is still a realistic one to a large extent.

2. Supporting Argument 1 (Yang Yun Jia):having one partner is still realistic as it brings a sense of trust,safe and relax to the modern people contributing to the basic human need of being happy.

2.1. Despite how the society changes,the basic needs of people to be happy does not chang over time. In today`s world, things changes rapidly.The faster things changes,the stronger the psychological need for the feeling of being safe and steadfast.

2.1.1. Having one partner brings a sense of safe and steafast for the restless mordern people,hence contribute to the basic human needs to be happy by mainly to 2 reasons. Living in the modern world,people always have to compete with others. Multiple partner will make people compete for love and care. Hearts would gets more vagrant and restless,potentially harm the harmony of society as such competitions can easily lead to disappointments,angry and conflicts. People need rests from competitions and pressure.The needs of people drive to a reality that having one partner is more likely to be happier. Furthermore, having one partner in life would actually bond them closer as they would be able to share the joys and woes of life together.This would cause their relationships to be even more committed. For example, having one life partner means he or she will stick with you forever and share weal and woe with you. Hence the bond between both spouses would be indefinitely strengthened as time passes. Both partners would share everything with each other and have absolute mutual trust, making them more committed to each other.

3. Supporting Argument 2 (Nicholas Tan): Having one partner in life would teach people how to be tolerant and committed in their relationships.

3.1. Having only one partner in life means that he/she would need to tackle many problems in life with their spouses for their lifetimes.

3.2. Conflicts between couples are sometimes inevitable when they have disagreements about their opinions. However, they to try to resolve issues and reach a compromise.

3.3. Hence, having one partner in life would help people to be tolerant and understanding towards their spouses even during quarrels. Instead of quarrelling everday, they could actually sit down and think of any solutions to solve the problems peacefully.They would also be more tolerant and accept each other's opinions easily.

4. Opposing Argument 1 (Aaron Soh): People taste and preferences continually change naturally.

4.1. Furthermore during marriage, we tend to discover certain traits of our other halves that we did not notice before (not everyone is perfect).

4.1.1. May cause friction to arise within the relationship, resulting in suffering and anguish for both sides Better to split up and search for another partner than remain and suffer for a lifetime

4.2. Over time people change whether due to natural or artificial causes, physically and mentally.

4.2.1. Having only one partner will not satisfy a persons wants for a lifetime (works both ways). Highly unrealistic that a person will be all that we want for our entire life. Remarriage helps deter that. Having multiple partners in a lifetime helps make up for each of their weaknesses and make short term relationship more practical.

5. Opposing Argument 2 (Tan Wei Ye): People now view marriage as not being a lifelong commitment and thus they are not willing to just have one partner in life.

5.1. In the modern world, marriage is becoming a temporary arrangement due to the power to divorce and hence people would not be willing to have one partner forever.

5.1.1. Due to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the importance of marriage as an institution is diminishing and family bond is weakening. Married couples may want to seek new possibilities in life and hence readily change partners for a new lifestyle.

5.2. Due to globalization and the competitive working environment, people are becoming more self-serving and fickle-minded, hence they might not be willing to be attached to one partner forever.

5.2.1. People may view their partners as stepping stones to improving their life and use their partners to their advantage. Some may want to have better spouses in terms of financial resources and appearances and hence change partners to suit their desires.

5.3. For example, the divorce rate of married Singaporeans is increasing over the years. On the contrary, the rate at which Singaporeans remarry is increasing over the years.

5.3.1. Many celebrities and movie stars such as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise also have several spouses in their life.

6. Conclusion: In conclusion, I firmly agree that the idea of having one partner for life is a still realistic one. Having one partner for life ensures the continuity of a family relationship and strengthens the bond between family members. It also helps to ensure a sense of security and belonging in a person.