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Research Ideas by Mind Map: Research Ideas

1. "Playing Police" - what does this game look like among different communities of children and what does this say about our experience with police brutality

2. Limits and benefits of the housing first, section 8 and public housing models - other ideas

2.1. What are the police's responsibility to residents of public housing?

3. How does media contribute to black poverty and public adversity to pro-black legislative programs?

3.1. How does the framing of an issue change everything - i.e. prostitution vs. humn trafficing

3.1.1. What are new "spins" on poverty issues and how do they reasonate with people?

4. How much equity will capitalism allow?

5. Different modules for policing and incarceration

5.1. What does community based policing look like?

5.1.1. What are the rights of prisoners and how they differe from the citizenry?

6. How could a city eliminate poverty?

7. What "breaks" do the poor and successful get? How do we duplicate that?

7.1. Why are there so few straight black males at UCLA? How are the black women making it?

7.2. What resources do you need to be socially mobile?

7.2.1. What are the new human rights?

8. Who is disenfranchised still? How? Why? What are their needs? What could be their impact and value-added on the democratic process?

8.1. What would society look like if we were all included?

8.2. How do Robert's roles reflect a democratic spirit?

9. Society's adherence to the paper-bag test: Correllations between skin color and income level

10. Black America: Realities and Perceptions of What Makes 'Us' in 2013

11. Post-Racialism, as Practiced by Progressives

12. Genealogy study of rich and poor black people in present day - watch how historical and political changes/opportunities determine family outcomes

13. Continue analysis on regional social mobility data for trends based on race and causation factors

14. Analyze the behavioral patterns of the chronically unemployed

15. Grit, Hope and Where it Grows in US Urban Schools: an Institutional Perspective

15.1. The Social Construction of Grit

16. Social Psychology experiment: Changing perspectives on merit in higher education institutions

17. Can cultural capital be taught?

18. Why don't Black people move to Canada? : Race, Immigration and Opportunity

19. Why don't Black people move to Canada? : Race, Immigration and Opportunity