To Kill A Mocking Bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird Remix

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To Kill A Mocking Bird by Mind Map: To Kill A Mocking Bird

1. Symbolism

1.1. Killing a mockingbird symbolizes evil in the novel. Evidence of this is displayed when Atticus tells Jem that it is a "sin" to kill a mockingbird.

2. Major Themes

2.1. Good and Evil

2.1.1. Atticus believes there is both good and evil in all people, but good usually prevails. He applies this philosphy in the town of maycomb, when he defends Tom Robinson. Despite the whole town being racist, Atticus tries to change the town's image of black people and force them to change their social perspective. The town's racism is the evil, while equality and the principles Atticus teaches are the good.

3. Setting

3.1. Maycomb, Alabama

4. Main Characters

4.1. Atticus Finch

4.1.1. The father of Scout and Jem. He is also a lawyer in Maycomb. A widower with a strong sense of morality and justice which he passes down to his children.

4.2. Jem Finch

4.2.1. Scout's older brother and constant playmate. He is a typical American boy. His ideals are shaken by the evil he perceives during Tom Robinson's Trial.

4.3. Scout Finch

4.3.1. The narrator and protagonist of the story. She is intelligent but also a tomboy. She holds a constant faith that deep down all people are good. But this is idea is tested throughout the events in the novel.

5. Tone

5.1. The tone is initially childlike and innocent. Then becomes increasingly dark and critical of society.

6. Major Conflict

6.1. The two siblings Scout and Jem believe that people are good and are quite oblivious to the evil in the world. When a local black man is accused of raping a white woman, the town's people become outraged. The childrens belief in human natures goodness is tested when racism, rape, and violence are put in front of their faces for the first time.