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1984 by Mind Map: 1984
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The warning! : Orwell's 1984 serves as a warning against the dangers of a totalitarian government. the dystopian setting and extreme lack of freedom shows the reader the possibilities of an England or any country really under a totalitarian regime.

The Audience

The Audience of 1984 is of the utmost importance when understanding the stories theme. At the time Orwell was writing to a relatively frightened audience who was still getting over the horrors of WWII. The world had witnessed the horror show which was the Nazi regime and centerstage was now the new growing super power, the USSR. Polar opposite politically than the Nazi's however similar totalitarian notions persisted. Readers at the time received a warning from Orwell of the dangers of such a regime. The theme is still Universal however, being relevant in any time when freedoms are threatened.


Winston: Winston is the narrator/protagonist of the novel. Physically his description is unimpressive however this only visually adds to his perception as intellectual. He's an intellectual in the fact that he is one of the brave few to think his own thoughts and have his own opinion which of course all happen to be anti-Party ( the government).

Core Concepts and Symbols

Big Brother: His presence and image is a symbol of the Party's vast control over both physically and mentally over its constituents.


"Big Brother is Watching"