The Reality of Digital Nomadism — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Reality of Digital Nomadism — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Mind Map: The Reality of Digital Nomadism — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

1. The 6 Good

1.1. You will be more interesting

1.1.1. You will have a repertoire of interesting stories to tell for years to come.

1.2. You will make new friends

1.2.1. The connections you make while traveling and working tend to be really strong.

1.2.2. You share wonderful experiences that most people don’t get to live.

1.2.3. When back home, you’ll occasionally meet like-minded people and the bonding will be that much easier.

1.3. You will have a deeper appreciation

1.3.1. When you see that people in other countries don’t have the things you take for granted, you don’t take them for granted anymore.

1.4. You will be more positive

1.4.1. When you are in new environments frequently, it’s stressful. You panic. You yell. You cry.

1.4.2. Then you’re back and things feel so “easy”. You start thinking positive about every situation.

1.5. You will be more open-minded

1.5.1. Your prejudices will go away and you will start to appreciate everyone and everything for what they are.

1.6. You will work harder and play harder

1.6.1. You will work harder because you won’t have a stable job and you’ll still have to pay for lodging, food, and transportation.

1.6.2. You’ll diversify your skillset to meet the demands of remote work.

1.6.3. You’ll have a plethora of incredible adventures “at your doorstep”.

1.6.4. You’ll do epic things on weekend and enjoy vacation longer due to less travel time, and less stress.

2. The 5 Bad

2.1. You will be less tolerant of meaningless problems

2.1.1. The so-called first-world problems become so hilarious at times.

2.1.2. Sometimes you’ll find it funny, but sometimes it will irritate you.

2.2. You will become really cheap

2.2.1. A lot of countries can be cheaper than home, depending on which country you’re from.

2.2.2. When you’re used to paying little for meals, it’s hard to come back and pay 5–10x the price for less authentic meals.

2.2.3. It’s the same for accommodation and other things.

2.3. You will lose connections

2.3.1. Your friends will have a different lifestyle. You won’t connect on the same level anymore.

2.3.2. Striking a meaningful conversation becomes harder when you don’t have anything in common anymore.

2.4. You will annoy people

2.4.1. You will be perceived as pretentious.

2.4.2. You will be so excited about your wonderful journey that when you talk about it, people will think you speak in a superior tone.

2.5. You will not be understood

2.5.1. People will not have lived the things you have. A lot of your close family will not agree with your new lifestyle or ideas.

3. The 2 Ugly

3.1. You will not be easily impressed anymore

3.1.1. You'll prefer to stay in and work instead of going to explore a city or do an activity that’s less interesting than your previous experiences.

3.2. You will have a hard time getting back to a more normal life

3.2.1. It’s hard to sustain the lifestyle. Society made it counter-intuitive to be a nomad, and “fighting” the system can get tiring.

3.2.2. A lot of people talk about travel blues coming back from a long trip. Digital nomads have it worse.

3.2.3. A lot of them feel depressed for a while during the transition period.