La historia y consecuencias de el tratado de libre comercio.

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1. C

2. U

3. M

4. Mexico, Canada and USA.

5. The washington consensus.

6. Purpose: To include the free market, the neoliberalism and the globalization into world economy. And even if it was initially proposed to promote the free market between Mexico, Canada and USA, it´s been expanded to other countries.

7. Impact in Mexico

8. Now Mexico was related to world economy, and american free trade.

9. The new peso was created (3 ceros were removed from it´s value).

10. The mines, airlines, and railways were not anymore controlled by the government.

11. Foraing enterprises arrived to Mexico.

12. Consequences:

13. Neither Mexico nor United states can receive much money for the exportation of international products.

14. In the last 25 years, the level of poverty has increased in a dangerous way.

15. Nowadays some bunisessmen are even more powerfull than governments of the world. This hapens because the NAFTA caused that the government could not be owner of independet enterprises.

16. The end of NAFTA?

17. "This is a horrible deal"

18. carlitos

19. Bush

20. El buen brian

21. Research:

22. What is the gross domestic product: It´s the measure that determines how much money a country can produce, and in this way determine how rich this country is. It also indicates the value from the products that this country produce.

23. What is the income per person: It´s the measure that determines the amount of money that each person produces in a country. It can also help to see if the person has a good or bad quality of life.

24. APA: Sevilla, A. (2020, March 13). Producto interior bruto (PIB). Economipedia.

25. Kenton, W. (2010, November 25). How per capita income is calculated and used by companies. Investopedia.