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zebras by Mind Map: zebras

1. Videos

1.1. Zebra won a lion in a fight

1.2. zebras crossing river under the threat of crocodiles

2. adaptations

2.1. thin fur to keep cool

2.2. use hooves and teeth in defence

2.3. long legs to run fast.They have more stamina than horses and can run longer distances.

2.4. bony lower legs offer some protection against venomous snake bites

2.5. shiny coat that dissipate 70% of incoming heat

2.6. Zebras have a good sense of smell and they smell lions,they will start running.

2.7. strips to blend in with one another and stay away from predators

2.8. young males will leave the main herd and form a bachellor herd.

2.9. the mainly white fur to rebound the sun's light

2.10. The stay in herds so that they are less likely to be singled out by predators.

2.11. big ears to let heat out

2.12. They are adapted to eating grass, which is a tough plant to digest.

3. zebras

4. Their young can stand up and run after only a few hours after being born, making them less vulnerable to predators.

5. Their strong hindlegs offer them some protection against predation. They can break a lion's jaws with a well aimed kick. Their bony lower legs offer them some protection against venomous snake bites and their hooves can be used to kill snakes by stomping.