Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Forces

1.1. A push or a pull

1.2. effects on moving objects

1.2.1. slow it down New node

1.2.2. speed it up New node

1.2.3. changes the direction

1.2.4. Stop it

1.3. equipment used to measure force

1.3.1. extension spring balance

1.3.2. compression spring balance

2. Different types of forces

2.1. Frictional Force

2.1.1. exists between two surface

2.1.2. ways to reduce lubricant stream lined ball-bearings

2.2. Gravitational Force

2.2.1. exists between two objects

2.2.2. depends on force of gravity pulling on the object

2.3. Magnetic Force

2.3.1. like poles attract

2.3.2. unlike poles attract

3. Pressure

3.1. force exerted perpendicularly per unit area

3.2. How to increase pressure?

3.2.1. smaller surface in contact will result in a higher pressure

3.3. How to decrease pressure?

3.3.1. larger contact area result in a lower pressure

4. Calculating Pressure

4.1. SI unit : Pascal (Pa)

4.2. Pressure= Force/Area

4.3. Force: Newton (N)

4.4. Example: 500N/10cm2 = 50N

4.5. 1Pa = 1N/m2