force and pressure

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force and pressure by Mind Map: force and pressure

1. force

1.1. a push or pull

1.2. effect

1.2.1. change the speed of moving obeject

1.2.2. change the size and shape of moving object

1.2.3. start/ stop a moving object

1.2.4. change the direction of moving object

1.3. SI unit:newton(N)

1.4. intruments used to measure force

1.4.1. force gauge

1.4.2. spring scale

1.4.3. strain gauge

1.4.4. torsion balance

1.4.5. tribometer

1.5. types of forces

1.5.1. frictional force oppose the movement dependant on texture of both surface amount of contact force ways of reducing lubricants ball bearings smooth surface streamlined

1.5.2. gravatational force pull us down to the earth prevent us from floating exist between any two object

1.5.3. magnetic force forces between magnet

2. pressure

2.1. what is pressure?

2.1.1. amount of force either a push or pull exerted perpendicularly on a certain area

2.1.2. force per unit area applied

2.1.3. SI unit: newton per metre square(N/m²)/ pascal(PA)

2.2. higher pressure as

2.2.1. more force applied

2.2.2. smaller contact area

2.3. lower pressure as

2.3.1. less force applied

2.3.2. larger contact area

2.4. formula