Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Pressure

1.1. Amount of force exerted perpendicularly per unit area

1.2. Effects of pressure

1.2.1. Cutting or destroying things

1.3. SI Unit

1.3.1. Newton per metre square

1.3.2. Pascal

1.4. Calculation

1.4.1. Force = Force applied divided by contact area

1.5. Increase pressure

1.5.1. Increase force applied

1.5.2. Decrease area of contact

1.6. Decrease pressure

1.6.1. Decrease force applied

1.6.2. Increase area of contact

2. Force

2.1. A push or pull

2.2. Friction

2.2.1. Friction occures whenever two moving objects comes in contact with each other

2.2.2. Frictional force exerts on the opposite direction of the object

2.2.3. Effects of friction Causes wear and tears Generates heat Slow down a moving object Hold the object to another

2.2.4. Ways to reduce friction Smooth surface Lubrication Ball bearings Stream-lined

2.3. Gravitational force

2.3.1. exists between any two objects

2.3.2. Weight A force Depend on the force of gravity pulling on the object Measured using spring balance SI Unit: Newton

2.4. Magnetic force

2.4.1. Attracts only object made of: Iron, Nickel, Steel and Cobalt

2.4.2. Unlike poles attract

2.4.3. Like poles repel

2.5. Effects of forces

2.5.1. Change the shape of an object

2.5.2. Change the size of an object

2.5.3. Change the direction of a moving object

2.5.4. Change the speed of an moving object

2.6. SI Unit: Newton (N)

2.7. Can be measured using force meter

2.7.1. Dynamometer

2.7.2. Spring Balance Extension spring balance Compression spring balance