5 Steps To Fight Procrastination Off

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5 Steps To Fight Procrastination Off by Mind Map: 5 Steps To Fight Procrastination Off

1. The Six-Word Formula For Success

1.1. “Think things through, then follow through.” — Eddie Rickenbacker

2. The 5 steps

2.1. Research every detail on how to reach your goal. Break everything down to the fundamentals.

2.2. Craft a solid plan of actionable items to reach your goal.

2.2.1. Be precise with quantities and quality. Set a timeline. Make the deadlines hard, but achievable.

2.3. Execute consistently.

2.3.1. Don’t skip a day.

2.3.2. Measure your increments towards your goal. Every actionable item you tick is success towards your goal.

2.4. Adjust your plan as you go.

2.4.1. It won’t be perfect on first try. Keep researching as you go.

2.5. Rinse and repeat.

3. By having a solid plan of action, you can’t help but follow through.

3.1. We procrastinate because a task seems too hard to achieve. It requires too much energy.

3.2. With carefully planned bite-sized actionable items, you are constantly winning.

3.3. Each task is so small and achievable that thinking-of-not-doing-it is almost harder than actually doing it.

3.4. And by having a timeline, you never want to push anything further. It’s a dreadful domino effect.

3.5. Set weekly and monthly goals

3.5.1. Don't carry a goal over to the next month

3.5.2. That means next month you’ll either have way too much on your plate, or you’ll have to drop other goals you may have.

3.6. Use Teamweek to help you