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Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country by Mind Map: Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country
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Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country


If you buy a fake brand-ware in France you can count with a penalty of € 300.00 or three years imprisonment

In a few parts of Spain and Italy bathing naked or without a bikini top will be punished with a financial penalty.

Eye contact is very common in business and personal conversations. It's a sign of courtesy

When you meet people you don't know, shaking hands is necessary and seen as polite

Punctuality in business and personal meetings is important. If you have a delay you need to inform the person who is waiting for you

Smacking and slurping is not appreciated




China, Japan and South East Asia






South America


Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arabic Emirates


Keeping distance as well in personal conversations

Punctuality has the same priority as in Europe

Spitting in public is a taboo and is treated as a delict

Press forward in a queue isn't tolerated