Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country

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Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country by Mind Map: Do's and Don'ts in a foreign country

1. Europe

1.1. If you buy a fake brand-ware in France you can count with a penalty of € 300.00 or three years imprisonment

1.2. In a few parts of Spain and Italy bathing naked or without a bikini top will be punished with a financial penalty.

1.3. Eye contact is very common in business and personal conversations. It's a sign of courtesy

1.4. When you meet people you don't know, shaking hands is necessary and seen as polite

1.5. Punctuality in business and personal meetings is important. If you have a delay you need to inform the person who is waiting for you

1.6. Smacking and slurping is not appreciated

2. Asia

2.1. India

2.1.1. The left hand is a dirty hand Be careful with handing things over, pointing at people

2.1.2. A big taboo is the head. This is the seat of the soul and should not be touched.

2.1.3. Don't sneeze into a handkerchief while eating

2.2. Malaysia

2.2.1. Naked or topless bathing can cause a imprisonment for 3 years

2.3. China, Japan and South East Asia

2.3.1. When greeting a person it's common to make a small bow

2.3.2. A long eye contact is felt as tactless

2.3.3. Outburst of feelings are considered as indecent

2.3.4. If you laugh you should hold your hand in front of your mouth

2.3.5. The color white is the color of the dead

2.3.6. Do never sit or stand on Buddha statue for taking a picture. This can lead to a stay in prison

2.3.7. Smacking and slurping while eating indicates that the food tastes good

2.4. Thailand

2.4.1. The penalties for drug use, drug possession and drug trafficking in Thailand expect long jail sentences including the death penalty.

2.5. Korea

2.5.1. The use of the left hand is considered as impolite. So always use the right hand to hand over things

2.5.2. Presents need to be received with both hands

2.5.3. Body contact between business partners is quite common, but only between the same gender. It's common that two men hold hands on the street without being homosexual

2.5.4. Kissing on the street is a taboo

2.5.5. It's unusual to say "NO" because it's impolite refusing a request

2.5.6. It's unusual giving a tip in a restaurant, it's like a charity and would offend the waiter

2.6. Dubai

2.6.1. Attention with endearments on the beach. You have to expect several years of imprisonment

3. America

3.1. USA

3.1.1. If you have a vehicle control it's advisable to give the hands on the steering wheel. Avoid frantic searching and rummage. The police could get the impression that you are searching for a weapon

3.1.2. It's not allowed to drink or even transport alcohol in pubic

3.1.3. Avoid intensive eye contact and compliments with female business partners. Only a small indication of flirting can be seen as sexual harassment

3.1.4. Tip is necessary for the waiters. It often occurs that they don't get time rates and need to live on tip.

3.2. South America

3.2.1. Private and in business is a loose handling. Speaking loud and laughing a lot

3.2.2. Hugs and touches, also among men, are common

3.2.3. Unpunctuality is nearly a law. About 30 minutes to 1 hour is nothing unusual

3.2.4. It´s very important to ask before taking pictures of people

4. Africa

4.1. Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arabic Emirates

4.1.1. You need to pay attention to the clothes. It's considered as disrespectful if you wear too short or too tight This rule applies to men and women

4.1.2. Do not take pictures of any airports, train stations, police buildings or persons in uniform. You will get punished

4.1.3. Avoid eye contact while communication is seen as a sign of resect

4.1.4. Tip is necessary for the waiters. It often occurs that they don't get time rates and need to live on tip.

4.1.5. Bathing on a beach naked or topless can be punished by imprisonment

4.1.6. The export of antiquities(stones,..) or fossil objects in Turkey causes drastic penalties

5. Australia

5.1. Keeping distance as well in personal conversations

5.2. Punctuality has the same priority as in Europe

5.3. Spitting in public is a taboo and is treated as a delict

5.4. Press forward in a queue isn't tolerated