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Webware by Mind Map: Webware

1. Google - We used the search engine google a large amount during the research and planning stages of our music video. We researched music videos in general and then once our group decided on a song which was 'I Was Here' by Beyonce, we then researched into background of Beyonce such as the style of the artists Digi Pack and adverts. This gave us a clear indication of the style that beyonce has. We also used the search engine google to find a form of signature of beyonces to include in our back cocver of our digi pack. We felt this would make it more professional and personal to the audience.

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1.1.1. New node

2. Youtube- We used youtube a great amount during the research and planning stages, this was so we had an understanding of music videos. We firstly looked at music video in general terms and then once decided on the song, we then researched and watched previous music videos from Beyonce to get an understanding of what is common in many music video of hers and the style she has.

3. Prezzi - We used the webware Prezzi a number of times. We firstly disscovered prezzi during our research and planning stage as we were being creative in the way that we presented our ideas through a pitch that was presented to the class. We felt that this webware was free creative and appropriate for the task we had. Our group has also used Prezzi to presents an evaluation questions. We felt this was appropriate as it enables us to include text and images.

4. Word Press (Media Blogs) - Word press was used throughout the planning and production stages. We individual and as a group recorded all research found relevant to music videos onto our blogs. This was an organised way for us to present our findings and kept all the information on relevant pages.

5. Facebook - We used the social netowrking site to recieve feedback on our production of a music video. This gave us a chance to ask a variety of people feedback on there thoughts. Past Media Studies students and friends commented. We felt that this was a fast and easy way for people to leave feedback and suggest any improvements that they may suggest and leave positive points on what they felt was good about our music video.

6. Slideshare - We used slideshare very little. One evaluation task was presented through slideshare. Once facebook feedback was recieved it was present and then shared using the webware slideshare. This makes it relitevly easy to upload for others to see.

7. Twitter -We used the social networking site Twitter constantly throughout research and planning too evaluation. This was to record what we have individual done towards the production of the music video. This is to show our individual efforts. This is an easy and can be quickly accessed, which is convenient for us.

8. Vimeo-As a group we used vimeo occasionally to upload our progress of our Music video onto the blog. This was relatively simple and made it easy for us to show our progression.