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Bear's Gaming Network by Mind Map: Bear's Gaming Network

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2. Aerialbear's Freebuild Server

2.1. Website

2.1.1. Staff Section Password Protected Add Google Analytics tracking code to web pages Access to Server Logs web-based viewer off-site storage (keep bandwidth usage minimum)

2.1.2. Better Design Refined styles and background content Media Rich Content (Buttons, Images, etc) Add dropdown navbar on index page

2.1.3. Replace Ban/Demotion appeal forum with a ticket system

2.2. Server

2.2.1. IRC anti-curse/caps Bot Add Ignore list Get a compiled and working program

2.2.2. More Ranks More builder type ranks

2.2.3. Fix Crashing revert to 5.4 or wait till release of Mcforge2

2.2.4. Remote Control Give Admins Remote Control Access to the Server Console

2.2.5. Update .txt files Update Messages.txt Update News.txt

3. Immortal Assassins World of Warcraft Guild

3.1. Website

3.1.1. New Styles more detailed page design Media Rich Content (buttons, images, etc)

3.2. In-game

3.2.1. Guild Recruiting

4. Steam Group

4.1. srcds server

4.1.1. download the following server files Half LIfe 2: Deathmatch Team Fortress 2

4.1.2. Clean up Garry's Mod Server directory