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Hardware by Mind Map: Hardware

1. Digital moving camera - We used a digital moving camera to record all our footage for the music video. We chose to take 2 digital moving cameras to each location so that we was able to record different views at the same time. This made it relitvely quicker as more footage was being filmed at the same time.

2. Digital still camera - We used a digital still camera in the research and planning stages. When filming we took a digital still camera to all locations to take photos. We felt that this was a good idea as it would produce photos that we may be able to use for our digi pack and advert. We also used a digital still camera to take pictures of locations so that we were able to analyse them and disscuss ideas or problems that may arise.

3. Voice recorder - We used a voice recorder to answer an evaluation question. We felt that using this piece of technology was appropriate as we recorded a discussion between us all. This was an easy way to discuss our thoughts on the codes and conventions.

4. Scanner - We used a scanner during the research and planning stages. We used the scanner to scan in all research we had found for example our free hand story boards and permission slips.

5. Mac computers - This hardware allowed us to perform many tasksthrough the software and webware that is acessable through this hardware. It all contributed to the production of our music video.

6. Tripod - We used a tripod during the construction stage to record all footage. This gave a steady shot and we were able to experiement to the different angles and shots using the tripod for example high angle and low angle.