Characteristic of an envoirment

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Characteristic of an envoirment by Mind Map: Characteristic of an envoirment

1. survival needs

1.1. Soil

1.1.1. Importat for plant growth.Plants get their water and mineral salts from the soil.

1.2. Temperature

1.2.1. Temperature determies the types of organisms living in it.

1.3. Air

1.3.1. Without oxygen, an orgaism will die very quickly.

1.3.2. Without carbon dioxide, plants canot make food and will die

1.4. Water

1.5. LIght

1.5.1. Plants need sunlight to photosynthesis.

1.5.2. Animals need sunlight to keep themselves warm

1.6. Food

1.6.1. The animals that hut is called predator.

1.6.2. The animal being hunted is called prey

1.7. Other organisms

2. Factors

2.1. Our envoirmet is made up of living and non living factors that affect an organism survival

2.2. The population of plants and animals can be reduced by factors such as disease-causing organisms

2.3. Light is an important factor for the survival of all living thigs

3. Envoirment

3.1. organisms living in a habitat are affected by the characteristic of the envoirment.

3.2. The charcteristic of an envoirment include soil, other organisms ,food temperature, light air and water