Two Simple Methods To At Least 3x Your Luck

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Two Simple Methods To At Least 3x Your Luck by Mind Map: Two Simple Methods To At Least 3x Your Luck

1. Do a lot

1.1. Experiment and do.

1.2. And it doesn’t have to have meaning. It doesn’t have to be something related to work.

1.3. New sports, new skills, new languages, new activities, etc.

1.4. You never know what can happen from joining a local sports team as an example.

1.4.1. Maybe you’ll meet someone who has the right connections in a field you want to get your feet into.

1.4.2. And, all of a sudden you’re well connected and perform in a field you really care about.

1.4.3. Not because you studied the subject for years, but because you joined a local football team.

1.4.4. Happy accident.

2. Learn a lot

2.1. The more different things you learn, the more patterns you create for your brain to learn other things.

2.1.1. The more patterns your brain recognizes, the faster you can assimilate other concepts, in a related field, or something else.

2.2. The more things you learn, the more interesting you become. You'll be able to relate to many subjects with many people.

2.2.1. A lot of times, your level in those skills is more than enough to carry a great conversation.

2.3. It expands your interests in other things.

3. Conclusion

3.1. The more you do and learn, the higher the chance of triggering these happy accidents.