Steps to an Approach (Abby)

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Steps to an Approach (Abby) by Mind Map: Steps to an Approach (Abby)

1. Make sure they can see you, so they do not have to look for you!

1.1. Allow time for the customer to come in

2. Use the customer's name

2.1. Makes the sale personal

2.1.1. Knowing each others names, makes everyone feel more comforable

2.2. Telling your name to the customer makes them feel better knowing that they now havea better way to get your attention!

2.2.1. New node

3. Select the appropriate approach

3.1. Merchandise Approach:Gets the customer hooked on a specific item

3.2. Picking the right approach can make or break a sale.

3.2.1. Welcome Approach: A formal introduction right as the customer walks in.

4. Take control

4.1. Choosing the best greeting is a way to take control

4.1.1. You are responsible for handling as many customers as possible, without ignoring them!

4.2. Be tactful and courteous when dealing with customers

5. Focus the approach on the customer

5.1. When the customer arrives approach them.