The Legacy Project

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The Legacy Project by Mind Map: The Legacy Project

1. The year is 2040 and nearly everyone on earth has a digital trail.

1.1. SMS, e-mail, Facebook status messages, credit card receipts, webcams with facial recognition, report cards, Tweets, Basically everything that can be recorded digitally had been digital for the past 30-40 years

1.1.1. This information is consolidated on one giant server Life would be impossible unless you had this information available. Basically, it is your way of gaining the trust of others Insurance companies Employers Dating Politicians

1.1.2. The Legacy Project is launched Strangely, most people are more than happy to disclose their information because the more they disclose, the more important they feel. It would be too easy to say big government (big brother) is behind this total control, but that would be too easy of a plot line. People volunteer all this information, coercion isn't needed. With zillions of terabytes of information The Legacy Project tries to make it discernable through their Lifeline service. They create sophisticated algorithmic code that enable all this information to be sorted through easily.

2. Ji Cecil lives with his mother and she's driving him crazy

2.1. Ji Cecil can alter his mother's program so the less agreeable aspects can be smoothed over

3. Characters

3.1. Ji Cecil

3.1.1. A man who understands the art of conversation. He is disarming in pressuring people to respond in real time in more characters that it takes to tweet. He cultivates human relationships and separates individuals from their devices.