RA Centre

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RA Centre by Mind Map: RA Centre

1. Internal Marketing

1.1. Recruit RA Members

1.2. Provide internal signage

1.3. Attach information to internal emails and news letters

1.4. Promoting other satellite facilities

2. Run Shop

2.1. Be the hub for RunFit Clinics

2.2. Provide RA Members with full range of athletic equipment

2.2.1. Rationalize current inventory and introduce running equipment to the shop for clinic members

2.3. Recruit potential RunFit clinic members

2.4. Introduce new clinic members to the RA Centre

3. RunFit Clinics

3.1. Provide premier running coaching services to internal & external members of the RA Centre

3.2. RunFit will be responsible for external marketing initiatives

3.2.1. External Marketing Strategy

3.3. Introduce new members to the RA Centre