5 Small Habit Changes to Turbo-Charge Your Productivity

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5 Small Habit Changes to Turbo-Charge Your Productivity by Mind Map: 5 Small Habit Changes to Turbo-Charge Your Productivity

1. Split Tasks Into Their Smallest Components

1.1. Break everything down into about 10–15 minutes tasks.

1.2. The brain dumps a little dopamine every time we successfully accomplish a task — no matter how big or small.

2. Start the Day With One or Two Easy Tasks

2.1. After completing easy tasks, you'll have the motivation and energy to tackle the real hard problems.

3. Work On Your Hardest Tasks When You Work Best

3.1. Don’t spend your high-quality energy on low-importance tasks, otherwise you’ll end up with high-quality results for low-importance tasks.

3.2. Always aim for high-quality results for high-importance tasks.

4. Prepare Your Next Day the Night Before

4.1. At the end of your workday, write down all the tasks you’ll be working on for the next day and review it before going to bed.

4.2. This helps you wake up with a sense of purpose. You know what needs to be done, and you'll want to do it

4.3. Your brain keeps working while you sleep, so sometimes you come up with genius ideas on how to complete your tasks while you sleep

5. Take Breaks and Relax

5.1. Take a break. Figure out when and how to take breaks.

5.2. Don’t do it on a schedule, that makes no sense.

5.3. Take a break when you can’t solve a problem that you should be able to solve with minimal to low-effort.

5.4. Re-energize with Power Naps, Coffee Naps, Walking, Showering and Meditating

5.5. Ignore the people judging you for taking a well-deserved break.