Force and Pressure-what i learnt

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Force and Pressure-what i learnt by Mind Map: Force and Pressure-what i learnt

1. New node

2. A force involves a push and pull.

3. Force can change the direction, the shape and the speed of an object

4. F=ma

5. Without frictional force, we would not be able to hold anything without it slipping.

6. Forces

7. Too much friction may cause machines to work unneccessarily

8. Without gravitational force, everything would be floating around

9. To reduce friction, we can use lubricants.

10. Frictional force

11. Gravitational force

12. Gravitational force causes things to fall

13. Magnetic Force

14. Used in refrigerators, dumpsters and telephones

15. Pressure

16. Amount of force applied per unit area

17. Depends on force and area

18. Reducing area can increase pressure eg: using sharp knives to cut apples

19. Increasing area can reduce pressure eg: camels have large feet so they do not sink into the ground

20. New node

21. Pressure= Force/ Area