Beware These 4 Types of “Well-Wishers” and “Advisors”

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Beware These 4 Types of “Well-Wishers” and “Advisors” by Mind Map: Beware These 4 Types of “Well-Wishers” and “Advisors”

1. Beware Fear-Based Advisors

1.1. If their advice is meant to ensure you avoid rejection or pain, then your response is simple: avoid them and their advice.

2. Beware Advisors Who Haven’t Done the Thing You’re Trying To Do

2.1. Half of marriages end in divorce.

2.2. Most people have foolish spending habits and so stagnate in crushing debt for decades.

2.3. Most people don’t want (or even know how) to change their behaviors.

2.4. The common life is defined by average, unspectacular characteristics.

2.5. Don't ask the advice of someone whom you would not want to switch places with

3. Beware Your Close Friends and Family

3.1. They are almost never malicious — they just can’t see the big picture yet.

3.2. They don’t know what’s possible — maybe they’ve never seen anyone succeed at what you’re trying to do.

3.3. Beware the “well-meaning” but ultimately narrow-minded advice of people who just can’t fathom the possibility of success.

4. Beware Advisors Who Only Want You To Do It How THEY Did It

4.1. There are many ways to succeed.

4.2. Success is never a straight line — it’s full of twists and turns, unexpected valleys and mountains on your journey.

4.3. Everyone’s path looks different. Timing, relationships, and opportunity can’t always be accounted for.

4.4. There’s more than one way to get where you want to go. Beware people who say otherwise.