eHealth Standers RFP

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eHealth Standers RFP by Mind Map: eHealth Standers RFP

1. Phase 1

1.1. Document The Interoperability Use Cases

1.2. Develop the KSA eHealth Interoperability Standers Roadmap

1.2.1. B1_State Assesement

1.2.2. B2_ Strategic Directions Development

1.2.3. B3_Strategic Directions Evaluation

1.2.4. B4_Drafting the Standers Roadmap plan

1.2.5. B5_ Finalizing the Road Map Plan

1.3. KSA eHealth Interoperability Policies

1.3.1. C1_Drafting the 16 eHealth IT Security and Privacy Policies

1.3.2. C2_ Recommend More Relevant Policies and Best Practies

1.3.3. C3_Process to Ensure Compliance with Policies and Best Practice Guidelines

1.4. Support the Development privacy and IT security strategies and related policies.

1.4.1. D1_ Support Development National eHealth IT Security & Privacy Strategy and Related Policies Governance Framework D1_1_Roles & Responsibilities Definition for PHR and EHR D1_2_ Risk Management Framework for IT security and privacy D1_3_Mechanisms for Monitoring the Complaince to IT Security and privacy polices D1_4_ Support MoH Development eHealth Privacy Liglisation

1.4.2. D2_ Support Development National eHealth IT Security & Privacy Strategy and Related Policies Framework D2_1_National Level IT Security Trust Models D2_2_National Level Security and Privacy Model

2. Phase 2

2.1. New node

2.2. New node

2.3. E. Support the creation of a Standards Function in the KSA

2.3.1. E1_ Support MoH in Establishing Standards selection and Governance process

2.3.2. E2_ Create Plan for MoH Approval for National and International SDOs

2.3.3. E6_Execute plan delivered in E2

2.3.4. E3_ Plan for set-uo and lunch MoH interoperability Standers operations

2.3.5. E4_Define interoperability standards at sufficient level of details

2.3.6. E5_ Create the interoparability chapter in HIS/PHC RFP

2.3.7. E7_Execute Plan delivered in E3 ----> Domestic SDO

2.3.8. E8_Develop onsite Training Courses to End user, and consultants for train the trainers. Content Interoperability Use Cases Standards and Profiling Initiatives "overview" MoH interoperability standards frameworks "Key" Methods Courses for Moh employees Confrences and Workshops On Demands eLearning

2.3.9. E9_ Develop a solution provider engagement framworks

2.3.10. E10_ Provide Additional Support for Implementers API WIKIS National SDO Licensing Aggrements

3. Phase 3

4. Phase 4