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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Types of Forces

1.1. Gravitational Force

1.1.1. Is important as it helps to keep everything on land and everything will not float about causing great difficulty in finding our things which are everywhere. However, gravitational force can be a hassle as it causes things to fall.

1.2. Magnetic Force

1.2.1. Is important as it is useful in our everyday lives like keeping the refrigerator shut properly and can also be used to lock the door. Electromagnets can be used to attract metals from dumpsters to recycle them.

1.3. Frictional Force

1.3.1. Is important as it prevents most things from slipping. Without friction, we would not be able to walk properly or hold things properly. Friction can also be trouble as it causes forest fires, rope burns and machines to use more energy to overcome friction. Lubricants such as oil and water or iron balls can be used to reduce friction.

2. What is a Force

2.1. Force involves the actions of push and pull. force can change the shape and direction that the object is moving.

3. Pressure

3.1. What is Pressure?

3.1.1. Pressure is the amount of force per unit area. Pressure depends on force and area. Reducing surface area can increase pressure.

3.2. What is the Formula for Pressure?

3.2.1. P=F/A in which P=Pressure F=Normal Force A=Area of Surface Area on contact

3.3. What is the Unit for Pressure?

3.3.1. Pascals is the unit for pressure.