HRM and Personal Professional Development

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HRM and Personal Professional Development by Mind Map: HRM and Personal Professional Development

1. Challenges

1.1. Lack of consistency in HRM

1.2. Sparce practices

1.3. Lack of HRM philosophy

2. Personal Professional Development

2.1. What is personal development?

2.1.1. Emotional Intelligence Intra personal skills Inter personal skills

2.1.2. Self Knowledge and Self Awarenes

2.1.3. Personal Profile

2.1.4. Ability for metacommunication

2.2. What is personal professional development?

2.2.1. Development of Professional competences

2.2.2. Improvemnt of Job - related skills Soft Skills Hard Skills

2.2.3. Developing Professional Knowledge

2.2.4. Developing MetaLearning and adaptability

3. HRM practices that enhance PPD

3.1. Strategic thinking about personal and emotional development and well being of educators

3.1.1. Unexisting

3.2. Creation of Job descriptions, Staff Porfolios and Whos is Who map

3.2.1. Existing, vahue, outdated

3.3. Performance Managemetn

3.3.1. Existing, consitent and coherent

4. Research Itmes

4.1. Inform the creation of job descriptions/ portfolios and who is who map

4.1.1. questionnaire

4.2. Inform the establishment of personal/emotional development practices

4.2.1. questionnaire