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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Forces

1.1. What is a force?

1.1.1. something that we use to move an object in many ways or directions. We use some form of force almost every minute.

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. change a motion of the body

1.2.2. causes an object to move

1.2.3. change shape

1.2.4. accelerate/decelerate the speed of an object

1.2.5. change the direction of a moving object

1.2.6. deform an object

1.2.7. break an object

1.2.8. stop a moving object

1.3. How to measure a force

1.3.1. use a spring balance

1.4. Types

1.4.1. Frictional force occurs when two surfaces/objects brush against each other a lubricant can be added to an object to reduce friction eg. When running, friction is needed. Without friction, we will slip and fall

1.4.2. Gravitational force a force that pulls everything towards the center of the Earth

1.4.3. Magnetic force occurs when a metal like iron/steel is placed close to a non-magnetic object like metal paper clips.

2. Pressure

2.1. What is pressure?

2.1.1. force per unit area

2.2. How to increase pressure

2.2.1. reduce area of object

2.3. How to decrease pressure

2.3.1. increase area of the object