Chapter F1-Forces

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Chapter F1-Forces by Mind Map: Chapter F1-Forces

1. What is force?

1.1. Force is a push or pull

1.2. Eg. of applying forces: clicking on the mouse/typing on the keyboard etc.

1.3. Units of force: Newton,N

2. Effects of forces can change

2.1. size

2.2. shape

2.3. stationary state

2.4. speed

2.5. direction

3. Measuring force

3.1. measured with force-meters

3.2. spring balances such as extension spring balance and compression spring balance

4. Important forces around us

4.1. Frictional force

4.1.1. opposes the motion of an object

4.1.2. occur when 2 moving surfaces are in contact

4.1.3. Effects of frictional force Negative car tyres/shoes got worn out/wear and tear in machineries Useful enable us to walk/hold things Effects: heat produce/cause wear and tear/slow down moving objects

4.1.4. Ways to reduce friction lubricant ball bearings/rollers smoothen surfaces by polishing streamlining

4.2. Gravitational force

4.2.1. a force thats pulls object to the Earth (GRAVITY)

4.2.2. gravitational force=weight W=mg (gravitational field strength) [gEarth=10ms-2 = 10N/kg]

4.3. Magnetic force

4.3.1. Magnetic force is the attraction of a magnet LIKE POLES REPEL WHILE UNLIKE POLES ATTRACT (ATTRACTION/REPULSION)

4.3.2. can act at a distance

4.3.3. force exerted by a magnet on another magnet or another magnetic material Magnetic materials steel iron cobalt nickel

4.3.4. Magnetic forces door of fridge Maglev train magnetic door catch

5. Pressure

5.1. amount of force acting per unit area

5.2. Increasing pressure

5.2.1. increase force

5.2.2. decrease area

5.2.3. Uses of high pressure knife sharp nails spikes on soccer shoes

5.3. Decreasing pressure

5.3.1. decrease force

5.3.2. increase area

5.3.3. Uses of low pressure camel skiing

5.4. Units: Pascal,Pa

5.5. Calculating pressure

5.5.1. divide the force by the area on which you applied the force

5.5.2. Eg.the force is 800N and the area is 10cm2,the pressure will then be 80N/cm2