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Lecture 11 Apr 9 by Mind Map: Lecture 11 Apr 9
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Lecture 11 Apr 9

Arduino discussion

Led by Anthony

Last three weeks of lab will be Arduino

Week 1

Project planning and design, create a project: anything you want. Anthony can provide some simple projects from instructables if you don't want to come up with your own, plan the project, come up with components, cost?, outline the construction time span, post this in your notebook

Week 2

arduino coding, get familiar with coding for arduino and figure out how to get your chip to do what you want. look for example code on internet, contribute your code to GitHub

Week 3

final build and testing, document your setup in your notebook, create a video for benchfly detailing how to build your device, test your device for flaws, acquire data, publish data to figshare, upload setup to instructables


Show one used in class

Golden rules

Example applications, Voltage follower, Voltage amplifier, Summing amplifier, Group work