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Lab 11 Apr 9 / 11 by Mind Map: Lab 11 Apr 9 / 11
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Lab 11 Apr 9 / 11


Github project

*** Op Amps are fairly robust, but still, be careful that connections are correct before plugging in the power supply ***

1. First, before connecting the op amp circuit, make sure your power supply is working properly. Use multimeter to check for +5, +12, and -12 (+/- 1V)

2. Check out the data sheet for the OP97-FP. Look at stuff you think is important. Look at the simplified schematic and locate transistors and other things you're familiar with

II. Voltage Follower

III. Summing Amplifier

*** AS ALWAYS, Keep an excellent notebook!!! ***


You can use either the Heathkit function generator or a separate function generator. I prefer the separate BK Precision, although you need to first set the correct amplitude (5 V bipolar / 10 V peak to peak)

Don't worry about all of the questions in the old lab manual. I don't even understand some of them at this point. Focus on gaining understanding and reading through our notes here. If you want to branch off on your own (for example last step of voltage follower), that is COMPLETELY FINE! Just make sure to take good notes!

Other references

Ideal Op-Amp on Wikipedia

Ideal Op-Amp

Read wikipedia "ideal op-amp"

Golden Rules