Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. What is a force?

1.1. 1. A push or pull one object exerts on another

1.1.1. Push: away from body

1.1.2. Pull: towards our body

1.2. 2. Cannot be seen but effects can be seen and felt

1.3. 3 types of forces:

1.3.1. Frictional force/ Friction

1.3.2. Gravitational force

1.3.3. Magnetic Force

2. Effects of forces:

2.1. Make an object move

2.2. Make an object move faster

2.3. Slow down or stop an object

2.4. Make an object change direction

2.5. Change the shape of an object.

3. Size of force applied is proportionate to the diatance and speed of an object.

4. How can we measure a force?

4.1. 1. Determine the mass of the object. You can use a balance or spring scale

4.2. 2. Determine the object's accelation. It can be meaured with aacclerometer

4.3. Multiply the mass value by the accleration's value. This will give you the force value

4.4. The formular is: Force= mass* accerlation

5. What is pressure?

5.1. Presure is the force per unit area applied to an oject

6. How can we incease or reduce pessure?

6.1. Reduce pressure: Increase the surface area of the object

6.2. Incease pressure: Decrease the surface area of an object.

7. How can I calculate pressure?

7.1. Formular: Force/ Area

7.1.1. Unit of force: newton (N)

8. What is Friction?

8.1. Friction is the force resisting the relative motions os solid surfaces, fluid layers and materials elements slidind against each other. There are a few types of friction.

8.1.1. 1. Dry friction: resists relative laterl motion of two solid surfaces in contact.

8.1.2. 2. Lubricated friction: A case of fluid friction where a fluid separates two solid surfaces.

8.1.3. 3. Fluid friction: Friction between layers wthin a fluid that are moving relative to each other.

9. What is the magnetic force?

9.1. A magnetised piece of either iron, steel, nickel or cobalt comes close to either other magnets or magnetised piece of mgnetic material. This is masured in newtons.

10. What is gravititional force?

10.1. It is a force that pulls objets to the earth.

10.2. Gravitational force= Weight