9 Secrets To Stay Visible While Working From Home

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9 Secrets To Stay Visible While Working From Home by Mind Map: 9 Secrets To Stay Visible While Working From Home

1. Why is it Important to Maintain Visibility While Working Remotely?

1.1. You’re more likely to raise your profile and get tapped for better opportunities

1.2. You boost the perception that you’re an effective leader

1.3. You’ll build stronger relationships with your colleagues and become more influential

1.4. You (and your team) get the recognition you deserve

1.5. You prove your value to the company

1.6. You feel more fulfilled, satisfied, and productive

2. 9 Ways to Raise Your Profile While Working From Home

2.1. Get on Video

2.1.1. You should opt for video meetings where possible. Otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

2.1.2. Make short recordings of projects your team is working on and share them with others.

2.1.3. Use Loom

2.1.4. It will raise the visibility of your team and your credibility as a leader.

2.2. Define What Your Team Does — Then Let Everyone Know

2.2.1. Put together a team charter that you can distribute to others.

2.2.2. Include your team’s purpose, members and their roles.

2.2.3. Outline what type of tasks are within your scope.

2.2.4. Listing out requests and questions you can help with, will show how you provide value to the rest of the organization.

2.3. Schedule More Cross-Departmental Meetings

2.3.1. When you’re working remotely, over-communicating is essential.

2.3.2. Coordinate regularly to touch bases with other departments you work with.

2.3.3. Use the time for brainstorming, as a working session, or simply to get on the same page.

2.4. Take Time to Toot People’s Horns, Including Your Own

2.4.1. Explicitly acknowledge your team for their good work during meetings, in emails, and over chat.

2.4.2. Share stories about how your team solved problems or overcame certain roadblocks.

2.4.3. Don’t be afraid to share your own accomplishments, either. It doesn’t make you look like a braggart.

2.4.4. Keep the emphasis on the effort you put in and connect it to how this success impacts others or makes their jobs easier.

2.5. Consider a Weekly Update Newsletter

2.5.1. Put together a report each Friday reporting on your or your team’s progress and send it to managers and seniors leaders.

2.5.2. This shouldn’t just be a laundry list of tasks.

2.5.3. Rather, frame it in terms of accomplishments and results.

2.6. Ask Your Boss to be an Ally

2.6.1. Make an explicit appeal to your boss, soliciting their support.

2.6.2. Mention that raising your visibility is an important goal for you (and outline why it’s important for the team).

2.6.3. Discuss how they can play a part in socializing your team’s accomplishments among other departments and higher-ups.

2.7. Volunteer to Sit-In

2.7.1. Ask your manager if there are meetings they’d like you to sit in on or take over.

2.8. Make an Effort to Proactively Reach Out

2.8.1. Every week, set a goal to connect with a few colleagues.

2.8.2. Ask them how they are doing, how you can support them, or send them a helpful resource.

2.9. Be Responsive, Within Boundaries

2.9.1. Let others know, through your actions, that they can count on you.

2.9.2. Make yourself available for impromptu meetings and chats.

2.9.3. Just don’t go overboard and neglect all boundaries.