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Immune System by Mind Map: Immune System

1. Overrun

1.1. stimulate hypothalamus

1.1.1. FEVER

2. the defense

2.1. Physical Barriers

2.1.1. skin defensins

2.1.2. mucous membranes lysozyme

2.1.3. tears

2.1.4. stomach acid

2.2. Commensal Organisms

2.3. Innate (natural) non-specific Immunity

2.3.1. Resident & Induced Blood Cells Neutrophils Monocytes NK Cells Basophils Eosinophils Tissue Cells Dendritic cells Macrophages Mast Cells

2.3.2. Complement System

2.3.3. Inflammation

2.4. Adaptive Acquired Specific Immunity

2.4.1. Colonal Selection Clonal deletion Expand cells specific for Ag

2.4.2. Responses Humoral immunity B-lymphocyte Cell-mediated immunity T-lymphocyte (CD3+)

3. Immunity

3.1. Active Immunity

3.1.1. Vaccination (artificially acquired)

3.1.2. Long term Takes time to generate Primary Response Secondary Response

3.2. Passive Immunity

3.2.1. temporary Rapid Maternal antibody (IgG) Anti-venom immune donor gives Ab

4. Immunopathology

4.1. Autoimmunity

4.1.1. Loss of self tolerance Type 1 Diabetes Multiple sclerosis

4.2. Immunodeficiency

4.2.1. impairment of normal function Inborn (primary immunodeficiency) SCID aquired (secondary immunodeficiency) Aids by HIV

4.3. hypersensitivity reactions

4.3.1. Over reaction to allergen Ag asthma

4.4. Blood transfusion & graft rejection

4.4.1. impact pt trx

4.4.2. isoimmunization

5. Blood

5.1. 4 Blood types

5.1.1. A AA/Ai A Ag=self B Ag=foreign

5.1.2. AB co-dom alleles universal recipients B Ag=self A Ag=self Donor to AB

5.1.3. B BB/Bi B Ag=self A Ag=foreign

5.1.4. O recessive Receive from B Ag=foreign A Ag=foreign universal donor

5.2. Rh factor

5.2.1. Rh+ D_ allele more common

5.2.2. Rh- no Rh factor

5.3. 3 major hematopoietic stem cells

5.3.1. Erythrocytes (RBC) Rh factor Ag ABO Ag Hb oxygen

5.3.2. Leukocytes (WBC) granulocytes Neutrophil agranulocytes lymphocytes monocytes

5.3.3. Thrombocytes (Platelets) important for clotting

6. Major Histocompatibility Complex

6.1. binds Ag

6.1.1. displays Ag at surface

6.2. MHC I - HLA abc

6.2.1. endogenous

6.2.2. ALL nucleated cell (not rbc)

6.3. MHC II - HLA Dpqr

6.3.1. exogeneous

6.3.2. Professional APC dendritic macrophage B-cell

7. Organs

7.1. Primary

7.1.1. Bone Marrow hematopoietic stem cells site of B-cells development

7.1.2. Thymus site of T-cells maturation

7.2. Secondary

7.2.1. Spleen wbc storage recycle rbc filter blood No spleen = infection prone

7.2.2. Lymph Nodes filter lymph Secondary follicle B-cell transform

7.2.3. MALT monitors mucosal tissue

7.2.4. CALT monitors skin