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force by Mind Map: force

1. force causes pressure . its has low pressure and high pressure .

2. magnetic force is also used in daily life . for example , we use magnetic force in atm cards and ezlink cards . Even our doc has magnetic force !

3. gravity is also useful to us as we will not float in the air with gravity . Gravity causes weight to change . The lesser the gravity , the lesser the weight we have .

4. Force is useful for our daily life

5. effect of forces : a moving object change direction or stop or move faster . It can make an object change shape or size.

6. forces are magnetic force , gravitational force , fiction and elastic spring force

7. a force is a push or a pull

8. Force are measured in newtons .

9. Fictional force cause wear and tear but is also useful for our daily life . It ensures us to walk properly and not fell to the floor .