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Elmo farts by Mind Map: Elmo farts
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Elmo farts

Ernie fainted

Need hospital to come and rescue

Too much carbon dioxide and rare gas

No enough oxygen

Minor asthma

Poor ernie!

Kermit RUNS

Went into the water

Splash water at himself

Breathes underwater for 1 hour

Face even more green

The gas make his stomach bloated

Looks fat

People thinks he's shrek so run away!

Poor kermit!

Gogo coughs

Runs away at the same time

Teacher thought he play truant

Punished by teacher

Poor gogo!

Cookie monster ran away

Find cookie

Cookie treasure hunt

Try to breathe out all the poisonous gases

Go forest for fresh air

Poor cookie!

Whole school


Avoids elmo

Blames elmo


Don't know what to do


Ran out of school


Needs a counsellor

Needs a professional doctor

Poor Elmo!