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Write an Elevator Pitch by Mind Map: Write an Elevator Pitch
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Write an Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch sentence structure


target customer


customer need

product name


maket category


one key benefit




unique differentiator

This is a gamestorming activity

1. generating phase

key questions

Who is the target customer?, be inclusive at the generating phase

What is the customer need?, be inclusive at the generating phase

What is the product name?, helpful to fix this in advance

What is its market category?, easily understood description of the idea or product, employee portal, training program, peer-to-peer community

What is its key benefit?, the single most compelling reason a target customer would buy into the idea, be inclusive at the generating phase

Who or what is the competition?, who or what the target customer would compare this idea to, another firm or product, "the existing training program", "the last time we tried a big change initiative"

What is the product's unique differentiator?, something unique to this idea or approach

1. use the Post-up technique to generate and gather ideas

2. discuss areas where the group has the most trouble

3. (optional) use dot voting, affinity mapping, or another method to prioritize and cull the ideas in each category.

2. formative phase

1. try out possible elevator pitches, by breaking into small groups, as pairs, or as individuals

2. reconvene to share and discuss

role-play is the fastest way to test a pitch

3. notice if there's a strong direction on what the pitch should and should not contain

don't aim for final wording with a large group