What About Poor White People? (a self-interest racial tactic of non-poor whites?)

Ricky Lee Allen

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What About Poor White People? (a self-interest racial tactic of non-poor whites?) by Mind Map: What About Poor White People? (a self-interest racial tactic of non-poor whites?)

1. Internal Political Org. of White Race

1.1. hegemonic alliance

1.1.1. poor whites do not disrupt the normativity of white supremecist system

1.1.2. poor whites receive race based benefits ppl of color don't

1.1.3. poor whites act as BUFFER for nonpoor whites and ppl of color

1.2. break up social construction of race to work toward social justice

1.3. can explain intersection between race & class in US

2. Intraracial Language

2.1. notion of different kids of whiteness

2.1.1. New Idea

2.1.2. poor white v. nonpoor white

2.2. Point=inadequacy of critical race analysis for identifying & understanding social& economic differences btwn whites & nonwhite(210)

2.3. Implication = priviledge cannot b assigned 2 all members of a group

2.4. Rec=treat whites as individuals not a privelidged group

2.5. Question=what does signification of poor White by nonpoor white really mean? (see internal political org)

3. an argument AGAINST class-based approach

3.1. Class-Based(Marxist analysis) implies racializaton of white people is monolithic

3.2. Class-based assumes race-based analysis cannot eplain intraracial stratification

3.3. Class-based minimizes racial alliance like tacit race-based ageemets

3.4. Class-based diverts attention from racial agreements that hold nonpoor and poor whites together

3.5. Class-based assumes white ppl are not politically and historically constructed

3.6. White race requires an internal hierarchy in order for it to exist

4. social justice implications of poor &nonpoor White relations for poor white students

4.1. perpetuation peagogical approaches that see poor white students as someone who doe not have privilege relative to minorities

4.2. perpetuate pedagogical approaches that see poor white as more racist than nonpoor white

4.3. lack of attention to racialization of poor whites perpetuates racial order

4.4. racialization of poor whites shape politics of their schooling

5. Whiteness Studies Approach

5.1. All whites have more privilege than ppl of color regardless of class status

5.2. white supremacy does not privilege all whites equally

5.3. White race has a solidarity

5.4. higher-status nonpoor whites will never want all whites to be economically equal

5.5. poor whites are a stereotype of the "ultimate racist" & dutiful ally in white hegemonic alliance

5.6. nonpoor whites don't want to lose their "white other" (poor whites) b/c white privilege would be too obvious

6. Critical Race Theory (CRT)

6.1. 1. white supremacy is an endemic & structurally determining social system in which we live (212)

6.2. 2. race is defined as politically constructed group