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What's the connection between your gift or talent and the future opportunity that you're going to pursue? (In terms of a strength you'll need to develop)? by Mind Map: What
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What's the connection between your gift or talent and the future opportunity that you're going to pursue? (In terms of a strength you'll need to develop)?




He Reigns



Gum Company

Distribution, For Sale Sign, Scouting for New Ones

Tech, Website, Hosting, Creation, Installation, Maintenance, Graphics, Marketing, SEO, Partnerships, Collaboration, Asking, Numbers, Effectively, Map

Phone Calls

Medical Marijuana

Amen Clinics, Downloads, Everything, Full Access, Gift Card, Map it Out, Share with Community, Quality Questions, Ask about Brain, I have asked 5 questions that will allow me to share all of Dr Amen's information on the Health section of the website.

Matt Cambell, Company, Percentage, Sold Out, Website, Sidebar, Perfect, Finish, Ecwid Shopping Cart, Islands, Categories, Products, Outer Islands, Videos, Integration, Coupon, $150OFF, REBATE


Worlds Prayer Authority

Son to Kathy & Ron

Brother to Amber & Renee

Grandson to Karen & Mary & Grandpa

Christian Rap Artist

Popular Celebrity

Actor in Movies



Israel, Ron, Arnow, I have contacted and communicated and successfully scheduled the time to go to Israel with Ron Arnow, Cousins, Amos, Places, Chocolate Bar






Goals, Jennifer Murphy, Perform, Newport Beach, Mariners Church

Southern, Orange County, 10321, Vacant, Grandma, Visiting, Arizona, Family

Northern, Hillary

Phone Calls

Recording Studio, Leon, Value, $500, Studio, Time, Redding, Stephen's, Friend, Name, ??

Mother, College, Payment, Credit Card, Information, Acknowledgement, Tuition, Which, Bethel, Simpson, Westmount, Cass, Payment, Give, Daughter, Meet, Tour, School, Contact


Earl Stuckey Jr, Moleskine, Notebook, Songs, Visions, Mindset, Journal, Voldemort

Contest, Critique, You don't need to do anything, we've already chosen you., Enter without Critique, Critique means they find a reason not to hchoose yo, Sending, Mail, I have sent in the contest introduction and have ducktaped a message onto the USB Stick including the Word Music Video and I have also given them the CDs and the Father's Love Letter. I have also recorded a video talking wtih them about the contest and have prayed God's favor over it before I did it. I added that to the USB tomorrow after or before Church. Then I sent it all in.

Closing Sales

Website, Hosting, Tommy, Websites, Create, Theme, Choose, Ask, Credit Card, Ecwid, Hosting, Reply, Email, I have replied to the email and have set up, Brenda, Podcast, Finish, How, Download, .rar, Extract, Zip, Upload, Start, Now?, Collect, $250


Christian Mind Maps, Partnerships, Authors, Chuck Perry

Best Prayer Request, Prayer, Course, Covering, Counsel, Prophetic, Tongues, Upload, Translation, Email, Forms, New, Useful, Forgiveness, Desire to Gold

Quality Questions, Sections, Purpose, Success Principles Documentation, Values, MSGS Values Questions, Success, John & I, Map Listing, Hawaii, Locally, Verbage, Keyword Density, Persuasion, Essay, Outline, Introduction, Thesis, Hypothesis, Body, 1, 2, 3, Conclusion Statement



Working Out, Cardio, Endurance, Running, Walking, Biking, Swimming, Gymnastics, Parkour, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Weights, Abs Diet Book, Belly Off Diet, Gather the Transcriptions here:


Appearance, Gorgeous, Well, Kempt, Maintained


Giving, Gave Bethel $130+ when I first came in there as a cheerful giver, I also gave Stephen all sorts of foods

Descendant, Doctors

Anointed, Prayed, For, By, Tons, Individuals, YouTube Base


Affirmations, Rachael Person wants to link up tomorrow at Church and it's 12:10AM, We will have new affirmation video

Revelation, Favor, Shield, Blessed, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Righteousness, Conciousness, Loved, Deeply, Widely, Highly, Blessed, Promise, Abraham, Deutoronomy, In, City, Out, Country, When, Always, Why, Covenent, Promise, Abraham, How, 21 Ways God Provides, 40 Days of Prosperity, Radical Giving, Prophetic Dreams, What, Money, Possessions, Relationships, Peace, Wisdom, Creativit, Intelligence, Health, Knowledge, Energy, Endurance, FollowThrough, Self-Discipline, Lungs, Knowledge, Cardio, Skateboarding, I have purchased a skateboard from craigslist.


Christian Rap, Freestyling, Trading, Website Design, Recording Studio, Website Hosting, 10/mo, ZohoCRM, Accounts, Follow-Up, Close the Sales, Complete the Transaction

Technological Understanding, Prophecy --->



Performing, Comedy, Rap, Hip Hope, Groups, Solo, Speaker, Sermon, Pastor, Example, Fiji, Bible Book Rap, Anaheim, The Rock Church


Inventions, FS Sign, Websites, QQ, BM, LXR, FVH


Parents, Doctors, Inheritance, Large

Grandmother, Homeowner, Gift-Giver

Partnerships, Matt Cambell, Free Vacations Hawaii

Accounts, Website Hosting

Tours and Activities, Zoho, Booking, Trip for Hiking, Trip for Big Island, VOUCHERS, Create?!, Call in Tour, Give the Credit Card Number, Purchase based have them purchase from us because we got te credit card, How much is a credit card portal?


Cousins, California, Paul, Rocket Scientest, Israel, Email from Recent Relative, Germany, Clemmens, Nadine, Jasmine

Sisters, Models, Friends, Opportunity, Beautiful

Parents, Doctors, Rich, Residents, Hawaii

Grandmother, Rich, Multi-Millionaire


Leadership, Small Group, Bible Study, Mastermind, Website Team,, I have completed the logo for HS Tech Guys and have installed the fully functioning Shopping Cart for people to pay for the hosting directly through the Ecwid Shopping Cart., I have set up the system for over 8 people

Church, Bethel, Westmount

Gatherings, Events, Worldwide, China, Ice Festival, Brazil, Carnival

College, Simpson, Christian, University


Tools, iPad2, Macbook Pro, Samsung Galaxy SII, d30 Case, Extended Battery, Money, Wild Card





Vocabulary, Flocabulary, MasterWriter

Friends, Freddy, Fred, Beat Makers

Ideas, Albums, Just Us, Cross Eyed, Fathers Nature, Power Prayer, Sermon on the Mic, Favor, Inheritance, Books, Confess the Truth, P48X, Publish, Soon, I have published the P48X Book and have received over $10,000 in royalties from the book sales.


Public Speaking

Books, Author, Keys to People, Read, 5 Essential People Skills

Websites, Christian Social Skills, Podcast


Stand Up Routine

T Shirts, Laughrica, Logo, I have changed the Laughrica Logo so that it has a different background and have remade the website with a premium wordpress theme and have contacted Oprah.


Website, BestPrayerRequest, GlobalPrayerTowers, Timothy Middlebrook, I have called the Midnight Prayer Line and have been commissioned to built Timothy's website under our hosting. I have put his websites up and introduced him to Rabbi Ron Arnow and more.

NB88, Edit, Prayer

YouTube, Channel, thepowerprayers, PowerPrayerTV, Fiverr, Purchase, Views, Subscribers, Budget, All of Prayer Channel Money, Ads, Install, Shopping Cart, Hawaii, Christian Shopping Cart, Link To, Playlist, Videos, Anointing, Impartation, Faith Feeder, Channels, PlaylistsPRO

Mind Mapping

Website, Christian, Membership, $5/mo, Benefits, API, Mind Meister, Downloads, Programs, Free Trials, Partnerships, Authors, Chapters, Sold, Individually

Wilderness, Supplies, Drawing, Paper, Utentsils, Stickers, Highlighters, Questions, Ask, Skills, Implement with Prayer, Implement in a Form, The Ways to Ask, Sumarize it, Use it to create a ton of different ways to ask for something. That way you can send it to whoever you want while asking for it in all of the different ways that way it will be objective and will have full commmunication I think that would be an exxeceltn form., I have created this form and it has gone viral through a video on YouTube containing the link, and has now had 1,000,000 emails go through it., Import, Website




Vision, Team, Imagineering


Quality, Questions