MasterNewMedia Article Optimization Workflow

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MasterNewMedia Article Optimization Workflow by Mind Map: MasterNewMedia Article Optimization Workflow

1. Identify and select group of Best Performers (4-5)

2. Identify and select grouf of Potential Best Performers

3. Classic Optimization

3.1. Content & Keywording

3.1.1. Check keywords for the article (1 to 3) using Analytics+Adsense, Google Insight for search, AdWords Keyword tool

3.1.2. Update intro and article (if there is a list of tools, check it into database and generate an updated list)

3.1.3. Check image (including file name) and create the thumbnail to use in miniguide list

3.1.4. Utilize Title and Description tag fields

3.2. AdSense Optimization procedure

3.2.1. Check intro keywords

3.2.2. Check GH

3.2.3. Check tags and categories assignment

3.2.4. Section targeting evaluate possible use

3.2.5. Title

3.3. Triangulate

3.3.1. Link to set of other 2 articles based on same keyword set If I have them Interlink via a) related Articles feature b) via anchor text relevant links inside text of each article If I do not have them I must create one mini-guide or two on those related topics

3.4. External Inbound Links Create

3.4.1. Type of Links Sources to be Seeded Blog Sites inside Comments Niche relevant Forums Social Media

3.4.2. Must identify only good no no-follow link opportunities SearchStatus

3.4.3. Article marketing

3.5. Internal Self-Promotion

3.5.1. Inclusion in Mini-Guide list

3.5.2. Addition on other relevant articles as Related

3.5.3. Individual self-promotional ads Open X

4. Measure, Track

4.1. Inbound links


4.3. CPM + CTR

4.4. Revenue per week and per month

4.5. Rank checking on Google SERP (Google Monitor)

5. Tools

5.1. Keyword Density Analyzer