Design Value Proposition of [21st Century Start Up]

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Design Value Proposition of [21st Century Start Up] by Mind Map: Design Value Proposition of [21st Century Start Up]

1. Empathy Map

1.1. Customer Persona [Xu, female, 21 yrs, 3rd year university student majoring in Economics, only child, Beijing]

1.1.1. What s/he Sees thousand of smart students at China university with better English skills class time is short, mainly self-studying when it's time for research or assignment, get confused of reference source (Huge libraries and collections of materials, limited studying time) quality documents written in English surrounding friends are not really good at essential subjects to get better score Hears exams are difficult to pass internship slots are limited for top students only Does X Refer to "Jobs" Thinks a flat-form to search materials easily and sharing experience in getting a new jobs at the same major after graduation Feels worried about future career stressed of studying and exams

1.1.2. Pains X Refer to Map of Customer Experience "Pains" does not have enough time to screen all useful materials social network is not strong, troublesome in finding suitable jobs after graduation most documents written in English, not Chinese language

1.1.3. Gains X Refer to Map of Customer Experience "Gains" get wanted and qualified materials with short searching time list of potential employers who are recruiting newly graduated candidates

2. Map of Customer Experience of [Top Competitor- Google]

2.1. Jobs

2.2. Pains

2.2.1. results be shown in English, language barrier

2.3. Gains

2.3.1. a wide variety of information

2.4. Marketing strategy

2.4.1. Brand name EASY TO REMEMBER and RECALL, not misunderstanding with other brand names Visual identity: Brand design and logo, color: unique and simple -> symbolize for the value proposition of company: simple and powerful search engine An intentional use of color put a secondary color on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesn't follow the rules

2.4.2. Product's marketing strategy: USER-FRIENDLY be accessible both in PC and mobile device (smart phone and tablet) search engine is available any many languages ->HIGHER POPULARITY various products and services aiming at both personal and corporate clients Continuous technological innovation for higher user convenience Web based services and IT products

2.4.3. Pricing strategy FREE SERVICES: Google search engine, chrome browser, Google plus, Google maps are all free to use. Get the basics for free, pay for more such as google docs,

2.4.4. Internal business management: HR policy the best employer with excellent HR policy, employee friendly environment and culture build up trustable image for customers and stakeholders

2.4.5. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability commit to the protection of the environment and is investing Billions in clean and renewable energy The company has remained carbon neutral since 2007 invested $2.5 billion in solar and wind energy projects

2.4.6. Business model: Multi-sided platform business model pattern. By providing a free platform for web surfers to search the internet, Google gain access to invaluable data about almost everyone.

3. Value Proposition of [21st Century Start UP]

3.1. Product/Service

3.1.1. search engine useful search engine which is tailored for Mandarin Chinese speaking users

3.2. Gain Creators

3.2.1. powerful search engine meeting various demand (communication, education, work, community, etc) search engine for knowledge-sharing platform: Baidu Knows online community platform: Baidu PostBar user-generated Chinese-language encyclopedia: Baidu Encyclopedia

3.2.2. no barrier in language and can be accessed everywhere access by PC, mobile

3.3. Pain Relievers

3.3.1. provide free search engine

3.3.2. language is chinese, no language barrier

3.4. Marketing Strategy

3.4.1. Brand name Easy to remember, recall, distinct name refers to its value proposition: easy and simple search engine Logo In the middle of the Baidu logo, there’s a paw/pad. This might be interpreted as a paw of a dog, the animal known for its excellent search capabilities. Also, a paw mark symbolizes a track, something that helps you to find what you need. Blue: often used with technology brands, associated with security, loyalty, integrity and harmny Red: passion, color of luck

3.4.2. Distribution strategy uses its own search platform and other affiliated platforms popularly known as Baidu union to make its services available and accessible to individual and business users.

3.4.3. Product's strategy: various products and services no language barrier: focus on strong point of Chinese language user-friendly search engine: search by key words, voice and image (Google can search by key words and voice only)

3.4.4. Price strategy: freemium model

4. Customer Segment

4.1. Demographic

4.1.1. Young people, aged from 18 to 30 yrs

4.1.2. language: Mandarin Chinese

4.1.3. Gender: both male and female

4.1.4. Income level: middle, upper-middle and high income

4.1.5. Family: married, single, no siblings

4.1.6. Education: 12+ years

4.2. Geographic

4.2.1. Mainland China (mainly for people in downtown and big city)

4.2.2. big cities with internet access

4.3. Psychographic

4.3.1. academic success and find a decent job [Refer to Empathy Map]

4.4. Behavioral

4.4.1. Refer to X Empathy Map "What she does" do part-time job while at university at home, use PC and TV Join volunteer club at university X Customer Experience Map