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PLEs (in general) by Mind Map: PLEs (in general)
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PLEs (in general)

points to mention

establishing yourself online in some learning spaces to create an environment where you feel comfortable

digital identity


people (research and discussion)

Graham Atwell

Ervin Goffman

James Baldwin

Dave White

Scott Wilson (mind map PLEX projrct)

Terry Anderson

Will Richardson

Stephen Downes

Marcia Conner

digifolios + e-portfolios

function (acc to Danielson and Abrutyn (1997)


idea of life-long learning




media sharing

social bookmarking

socila networking


mind mapping

rss readers

open id concept?


points to discuss

added value for LT

opportunities for blended and distance learning

can a PLE be equalled or surpass nononline environment

analysis of different PLE models